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Treknical provides professional Smart Hands Support services that are available at a moment’s notice for more complex tasks that may require technicians to sort out the issue in person. Our experienced and highly trained on-call technicians provide a rapid response for any onsite network assistance you may require.

Managing an IT department is not easy, depending on the scope of your business the number of IT-related operations will increase and in most cases it’s the routine maintenance tasks that get overlooked. Neglecting these tasks, such as load balancing, backups and updates, could lead to system failures and may leave your network exposed to security threats. It may take time before the issue is reported and resolved and during this downtime, your business productivity suffers a great deal.

With all the routine network maintenance tasks being taken care of by Treknical’s technicians and engineers, your staff is free to focus on other critical tasks. To protect against security threats we carry out active monitoring to detect possible threats as well as placing and updating security measures to deter unauthorized access to the network. While opting for smart hands services, our clients can decide how much control they want to entrust to our team.

At Treknical, we have the tools and expertise to make sure that all your network management needs are met. Some of the smart hands support services we offer include;

  • Complex cable configurations and maintenance
  • Power cycling servers, routers and other equipment
  • Rotate or exchange backup tapes
  • Cabinet installations and decommissioning
  • Checking system messages
  • Setting up a firewall
  • Equipment and circuit testing
  • Managing colocation equipment
  • Modifying demarcations
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Hardware replacement or upgrades


We also provide a number of Asset Management Services that includes;

  • Managing equipment inventories
  • Verifying equipment location
  • Recording and verifying equipment serial numbers
  • Taking Digital pictures

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