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Remote hands support

At Treknical, we carry out a wide range of tasks on your behalf and resolve any network issues that may arise as soon as possible to maximize your network uptime. Treknical offers comprehensive Remote hands services that you can rely on.

By enlisting our remote hands support services, our clients get emergency assistance whenever required. Colocation Tasks that are usually allocated to the company in-house team can be done by skilled professionals from Treknical. Remote hands and eyes services offer a better alternative to hiring expensive IT team.

Remote hands Support ensures that your network is working efficiently and meeting high standards of performance without requiring regular on-site visits. This saves both time and costs and allows your technical staff to focus on other important tasks. Whether it’s an emergency or for routine maintenance tasks, our professional technical assistance has got you covered at all times.

Remote Hands Support Services provided by the dedicated team at Treknical includes;

  • Checking Cabling and connections
  • Power cycling router, server or switch
  • Server refresh and Server reboots
  • Inventory and Auditing
  • Checking port numbers
  • Provide visual verification of equipment at data centres
  • Basic observation and Reporting of indicators on the equipment
  • Physical Inspections


Our team is on-hand to address any problem you may have. Get in touch with us for round-the-clock remote hands and eyes support.

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