Treknical provides end to end logistics services that covers a range of services that includes inspecting the equipment, labelling, keeping inventory, packing, unpacking and installing. We have the necessary resources to offer our clients superior logistics services.

A well-executed logistics operation is crucial to reduce client expenses for any project since overall costs increase with delayed deliveries. Other issues caused by poor logistics management are damaged equipment, time delays, missed deadlines and warehouse expenses. We aim to overcome these issues and ensure customer satisfaction through our services.

We are experienced in handling hundreds of deliveries and RMAs yearly. We arrange safe transport for migration of devices from one site to another. Our real-time tracking of logistics operations allows us to make sure that your deliveries are progressing as per schedule, ensure the safety of equipment and avoid any potential disruptions to the movement of the equipment. In addition to this, we also provide secure storage facilities for any device you require to be stored or transported to another site.

Our end to end logistics services include the following;

  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Inspecting, labelling, packing and inventory of equipment received
  • Real-time tracking of shipments
  • Storage facilities
  • Integration and Assembly of equipment
  • RMA reviews and return logistics

Our RMA management services include;

  • Equipment serial number capture
  • Warranty Management

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