Colocation and Web Hosting

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Colocation and Web Hosting

At Treknical, we help our clients find rack space in London to install their network. Finding the right colocation centre for your business is critical since it allows you a certain degree of flexibility for your business IT operations and makes future expansions easier.

By opting to rent space in a dedicated data centre facility, businesses enjoy a great deal of reliability and convenience for operations. Colocation centres also provide high level of security so our clients can be sure that their network infrastructure is being maintained in a safe and secure environment. Colocation services are especially beneficial to small scale businesses that may not have the necessary resources available for maintaining their own facility. We also provide installation services to set up our client’s network infrastructure at the colocation provider’s facility.

Treknical also works with several partners to provide web hosting servers for our clients. We work with some of the largest companies to provide the best web hosting services in terms of reliability, speed and security. Choosing a web hosting server for your business depends on a number of factors such as the amount of traffic expected as this determines the amount of bandwidth required. Your web hosting server should allow you to scale your website when required and also be able to handle increase in web traffic without any performance issues.

Our web hosting services includes shared hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, dedicated server hosting and more. Whatever your business requirements, we’ll help you find the best web hosting solutions for you.

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