Why do you need remote hands support?

Support from a specialized team of people who possess strong relevant skill can help your company. Treknical high standard network support service can offer custom solution to customer needs.

Saving Time of your IT staff travelling to the site, instead, they can take care of important tasks that need their attention. Saving on travel time to various sites. Your IT staff can communicate and manage tasks with Treknical remotely. You can have a full-time onsite staff or as you need basis. Our operation methods are very flexible to suit customer requirements as we understand over the years every network is different and every client needs are different. Treknical flexible approach can work around your needs. You might need a midnight on-site maintenance to not affect your network traffic, our remote hands can provide you that.

Saving Money by using your staff to take care of other tasks instead of wasting valuable time travelling to sites, which will require your staff to work additional hours to take care of their daily tasks. Our remote hands prices are very affordable for any business compared to prices charged by data centers. Remote hands team will work as a representative to your company. Having Treknical on-site presence will help process new installations or up link delivery faster. We have developed a great working relationship with data center onsite staff over the years. Customer operations take place much smoother.

Highly experienced engineers are another advantage. Using remote hands support from Treknical ensures you are receiving the highest standard support with specialized staff who can resolve many issues within minutes. Not only Treknical staff will be experienced in providing hardware support but we will be familiar with your network architecture over time. We can identify machines and connections faster than data center staff. A company will receive a key engineer who will be assigned to work which will benefit the company like having their own staff but only when they need.

Location, remote hands support is designed to reach remote sites. Treknical can provide you support across many European cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt etc. We can also travel to many sites for you. Your IT staff could be based in a different country, No problem! Treknical remote hands are designed to provide support across many locations and at different time zones to match your needs.

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